As a current student I love coming to school every day. My instructors are always helpful whenever I can’t figure something out. I love the small classroom sizes and being able to work one on one with our clients and instructors. Genny has been more than amazing. It was her who truly sold me when I was looking at different schools in the valley area. I would recommend Gente Bella Beauty Academy to anyone looking for a close knit, amazing beauty school. Love it love it.
~ Tina K.

Gente Bella Beauty Academy is a place I’ve called home for 8 months now. My graduation day is coming up and I can’t say enough amazing things about this school! I’ve been fortunate to receive the guidance and education provided here by the fantastic faculty. We start from the very beginning, laying down the ‘foundation’ to becoming a professional, creative, respectable stylist. You don’t necessarily need any sort of ‘beauty background’ in order to attend this academy. Even if you’ve never braided or blow-dried hair, we are taught from basics, all the way up to intricate updos, colour corrections, and even perms! I’d recommend Gente Bella Beauty Academy to anyone who has a passion for making people feel good and letting out your creative side!
~ Sabrina L.

The environment we have here at the school, I think would have to be my absolute favorite thing about Gente Bella Beauty Academy. The students I attend school with are absolutely amazing and we all get along so great. Everybody supports, compliments, and looks out for one another. It’s awesome to be a part of such a great team of individuals. Our small class sizes guarantee a ton of one on one time with the instructors, which is so nice to have. In the ten months we have in school as hairdressers, we are always learning new things, so that extra attention is a huge help. The instructors play a huge part in keeping Gente Bella Beauty Academy a positive and upbeat place for us to work and learn in as well. Not only are they hear to teach, but they are always here to listen. Overall, I am very pleased with my choice of school not just because of the program, but because of people I get to work around every single day.
~ Kim M.

I started out at Gente Bella Beauty Academy almost 3 years ago and it was a phenomenal experience. The education I got was amazing. The basics in the hair industry is the absolute most important part and I definitely got that from my education. I would absolutely recommend coming and starting your career in the beauty industry at Gente Bella Beauty Academy.
~ Brianne D.